Automotive Performance Noise Dynamometer for NVH Testing
NVH Dynamometer
Model 1620

The Greening Model 1620 Dynamometer is capable of testing corner and axle type brake fixtures for noise and vibration. This dynamometer is designed to recreate actual vehicle relevant conditions which cause a wide range of brake noise. The system utilizes the latest technology for optimal correlation to actual operating conditions.

The enclosure is constructed to allow environmental testing using one of several optional environmental conditioning units, providing test chamber temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C and humidity from 10 to 95%.

Greening Sound_Works™, an integrated Noise and Vibration analysis program, is provided to aid in test report generation and data review. It includes many useful tools, including .wav file handling for 'audible' noise playback.

Model 1620 Specifications

Software Package

Dyna_Works™ Microsoft® Windows® based

Data Sample Rate

User selectable up to 1000 Hz

Test Parts

Conventional, Knuckle, Corner, Axle brake assemblies


Sub-frame foundation or isolated floor

Drag Torque Capability

3000 Nm

Maximum Speed

To suit individual requirements up to 3000 rpm

Maximum Pressure

Up to 30 MPa

Brake Apply

Pneumatic over Hydraulic: controlled at rates up to 150MPa/sec without overshoot


Minimum: 2.0 kg·m2 (1.5 slug·ft2)

Maximum: To suit individual requirements

Increment: Continuous through Inertia-Simulation


8 rotating (telemetric) and 4 non-rotating




8000 Nm In-Line Rotating

NVH Dynamometer diagram