NVH Software

Sound_Works™ Brake Noise Analyzer

The Greening Noise Analyzer is a stand alone system with advanced NVH capabilities. The analyzer can be added to any inertia brake dynamometer in order to increase the NVH and DTV capabilities. The hardware and software have been developed with the end user in mind. The systems allows anyone familiar with testing systems to configure, acquire and analyze sound and vibration signals like an NVH expert.

Greening Sound_Works™ is delivered with one IEPE microphone and one IEPE accelerometer, optimized for vehicle brake noise and vibration testing. Greening Sound_Works™ is coupled with a Microsoft® Windows® based user interface for ease of operation.


System Real Time Display


  • Multiple methods for triggering events: TCP/IP connections or software event triggering via front panel user interface
  • 24-bit resolution sigma-delta ADCs with 118 dB dynamic range
  • Microphone: 0.5 inch in pre-polarized Free Field Condenser, 50 mV/Pa, 3.15 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 2 dB) with 0.5 inch ICP® preamplifier
  • Accelerometer: tri-axial, thru-hole mounting, ceramic shear ICP® accelerometer, 100 mV/g, 0.5 - 2000 Hz
  • 4 simultaneously sampled analog inputs at rates up to 204.8 kS/s
  • Software-configurable AC/DC coupling with IEPE conditioning, variable anti-aliasing filters