Suspension Spring Testing

The Greening Suspension Spring Test Machine is designed to evaluate automotive and trailer coil and leaf springs. The basic design utilizes design elements of load frame, fixturing, cylinder, and pneumatic over hydraulic actuator to conduct suspension spring compression tests. The stand may be free standing or secured to the floor. A GAI control computer and software system is employed for force and displacement control. The GAI control system will log and display test data on screen and has the ability to export a data file or graph to a printer. The control computer and monitor may be located on an adjacent bench or desk or mounted on a wall support and suspension arm (optional).


Instrumentation is provided to acquire and monitor deflection and load. The system is configurable for load, displacement, and cycle limits. This provides automatic shutdown capability for out of tolerance conditions or part failure. Data results are stored in an ASCII file which may be imported into an Excel spreadsheet for post test processing. Load vs. Displacement is displayed on screen during the test.


    Suspension Spring Test Machine


    Stroke: 3 inches nominal

    Displacement Rate: 16 inches/s, 2 Hz

    Maximum Load: 8,000 lbf

  • Automatic test machine operation utilizing specially designed control circuitry and software

  • Automatic test report generation

  • GAI Suspension Spring Compressive Test Stand

    • load frame and actuator, 8,000 lbf capacity

    • vertical,linear force apply

    • pneumatic over hydraulic actuator unit

    • servo valve

    • system run-off at GAI with customer supplied test part


    GAI Computer Controller

    • National Instruments hardware and software architecture

    • National Instruments LabVIEW program software and user interface

    • integrated data acquisition

    • load and deflection control modes

    • automatic shut-off limit control

    • GAI control system training (at GAI during run-off)

    • GAI User Manual

    GAI Controller Suspension Arm

    • suspends GAI controller from load frame or wall

    • provides tilt and swing features to position controller in ergonomically correct position for user.
      Arm and monitor may be swung into position providing greater access to load frame table.

    • provides approximately 36 inches of extension from attachment point

    • provides approximately 9 inches of vertical adjustment.