Quality Policy

Greening’s Quality Policy is based upon Customer satisfaction. We strive for continuous improvement in our Quality Systems to advance the objectives of our company: decreasing customer complaints, adherence to published test methods, and performance of the tasks or test equipment requested in a timely manner. We are committed to improvement in quality and the assessment of the Quality System to assure its suitability to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our Customers.

GTL is an ISO 17020/25 certified laboratory accredited by the American Association of Accredited Laboratories (A2LA) (Certification 1575.01). GTL policy is to maintain the standards established by all A2LA accreditation requirements. GTL policy for the displaying of the A2LA Logo is to strictly comply with all requirements established by the A2LA Logo advertising policy. The President will be responsible for authorizing any display of the A2LA Logo on any document and any usage for the A2LA Term. The Greening Quality Policy includes the following objectives:

  • Adherence to published test methods from Customers, national, and international specifications.
  • Proper training and education of all employees to ensure the highest quality workmanship.
  • Use of the highest quality equipment.
  • Ensure that the test equipment produced or test results obtained are above reproach by using only select, approved, preferred or certified suppliers and accepting only conforming products and services.
  • Identify the requirements that represent quality and conform to them and implement statistical approaches to reduce variation.
  • Concentrating on Customer satisfaction by striving for on-time performance, meeting all contractual obligations at fair-market prices with error free manufacturing, testing and inspection.

Our employees are committed to quality and adhere to ISO17020/25 and the Greening’s Quality System. The policy is also posted in conspicuous locations throughout our facilities.