Product spotlight: SAE No. 2 Machine

The Model 1080 evaluates the characteristics of clutch friction systems.

Greening's Model 1080 SAE No. 2 Universal Wet Friction Test Machine is the most widely used piece of friction test equipment of its kind. The machine can evaluate the friction and durability characteristics of automatic transmission plate clutches and fluids and can also conduct tests on other wet friction systems. It is designed to meet the specifications of four tests standardized by SAE International: a 3,600 r/min stepped power test (J2487), a 6,000 r/min stepped power test (J2488), a durability test (J2489) and a μPVT test (J2490), as well as a host of specific industry and proprietary procedures.

The Model 1080 is an inertia dynamometer in which the kinetic energy of a rotating mass is dissipated by the clutch pack or unit under test. The machine can also operate as a drag dynamometer in which the motor supplies the energy dissipated by the test unit.

The test unit is partially or totally immersed in test fluid and is engaged through the use of force apply piston controlled by electro pneumatic servo valve.  As the rotating mass is decelerated, a torque reaction is created on the outside diameter of the stationary reaction member of the test unit. The trunnion mounted test housing ("test head") is prevented from rotating by a strain gage type transducer, thus measuring the reaction torque.

The Model 1080 is highly versatile and easily programmable. It accommodates test heads for automatic transmission clutches, bands, lock-up torque converter clutches, manual shift gearbox synchronizer rings and counter-rotating clutch plate assemblies. It can be set to a predetermined flow and temperature (3–175 degrees Celsius) and generate automatic reports.  Maximum speeds of 10,000 r/min and above are available. A wide variety of test unit configurations may be accommodated by selecting the proper options in order to complete the machine.

Greening Dyna_Works™ 32-bit real-time test control and Microsoft® Windows® based operating interface allows state of the art machine control and operation. The system acquires data at the rate of 1,000 Hz and generates computed and instantaneous test data with respect to time and angular displacement (distance). Dyna_Works™ also provides a user friendly environment and added flexibility for on screen graphics, monitoring, event status, and programming features.

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