Test Equipment

Greening Associates, Inc. designs and builds custom-engineered electrical, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical test equipment. Our machines serve to test the quality of brakes for motor vehicles of all sizes, as well as clutches, suspensions and wheels.

We adhere to the guidelines of the largest national and international standards organizations, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and SAE International, and our equipment is used and accepted by leading automakers.

Our Model 1080 SAE #2 is the world’s most widely used universal wet friction test machine. It is built to SAE International standards, but can also be configured for other testing specifications. It can be adapted to test manual shift gearboxes or automatic transmissions, bands, clutches and plate assemblies.

Our brake test equipment includes the brake fluid stroking and brake pad shear test machines. We offer friction assessment machines for the Chase and FAST tests and have also partnered with Sun Bee Instruments of South Korea to distribute their rotor mapping station. We recently introduced a state-of-the-art Model 1140 Compressibility Test Machine, designed to ISO and SAE specifications including the new, low pre-load specification currently developed by SAE. This machine is approved by General Motors for all compressibility testing of brake components.

Greening’s comprehensive line of inertia brake dynamometers provides the customer a tool to precisely test brake performance on both on- and off-highway passenger cars and commercial vehicles. We also offer a noise dynamometer for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing together with our Sound_Works™ noise analyzing software.

Our component testing equipment extends well beyond brakes. We build four clutch test machines:

Our product line also features a suspension spring test machine and a wheel disk-hub fatigue test machine.

Besides these offerings, Greening Associates, Inc., offers custom design and build services of test machine fixtures for a variety of industries. These fixtures are accurately designed and built so that the brake assembly is held in the proper location to ensure correlation between the test equipment and the vehicle.