Clutch Dynamometer

The Greening Model 1290 Clutch Dynamometer is used for the development and quality control of clutch facings and assemblies for passenger cars and trucks. This single-ended dynamometer is controlled by Greening’s Dyna_Works® sophisticated computer-operated control system, which can process multiple tasks in real time. Our customized circuitry and software make it easy to run the dynamometer.


  • Digital Servo Valve controls operation time within 0.001 seconds.
  • Pressure ramp and controlled pressure/force engagements.
  • Continuous slip speed ramp capabilities for friction mapping of torque converters, torque transfer couplings, limited slip differentials and fluid evaluations.
  • Ability to switch from dynamic to static to continuous slip mode, or any combination thereof, without operator interaction.
  • Programmable test fluid flow and sump temperature control.
  • Automatic test fluid viscosity/flow adjustment.
  • Automatic test report generation.

Greening’s team of engineers can provide expert repair and upgrade services for the Model 1290 as well as for dynamometers not built by Greening.