FAST Machine

The Greening Model 1120 Friction Assessment and Screening Test (FAST) machine is a low-cost test system for screening brake and clutch friction material for development or quality control programs. It quickly assesses effectiveness, fade, recovery, speed sensitivity and wear characteristics.

The Model 1120 plots applied and friction force and test drum temperature and velocity in real time. While in constant work output mode, the machine displays the approximate disk bulk temperature curve, and during constant clamping load mode, the user can record friction force in relation to time. The “Rapid Change” design allows for quick replacement of test disks to minimize downtime between tests.

Heating and cooling curves are automatically set according to SAE J661 specifications, and an inertia system simulates “in-use” conditions. Greening’s Dyna_Works control system allows for 24/7 unattended operation and generates automatic test reports.


  • Test sample size: ½ x ½ or ½ x 1 inches
  • Test loads available to 600 lb·ft
  • Test speeds from 25 to 1200 rpm
  • Constant input and constant output modes