Brake Pad Shear Test Machine

The Greening Model 2300 Automobile Brake Pad Shear Test Machine measures the force required to shear the friction lining from the carrier to test its strength. The Model 2300 combines precise test control with ease of operation, generating accurate results, and is an ideal instrument for research and development or quality control.

This machine meets the standards of major brake pad shear tests including ISO 6312 and SAE J840. A force normal to the shear force direction is applied in a manner that does not interfere with the measured shear force. Fixtures are utilized to match the brake pad outer radius at the point of contact.

The machine operates on Greening’s Dyna_Works™ system with application-specific software. The user can choose one of several templates or customize the test results’ presentation format.


  • Maximum Shear Force: 70 kN (15,700 lbf) closed loop control (higher capability available)
  • Maximum Normal Force: 5.5 kN (1,250 lbf) closed loop control
  • Shear Force Apply Rate (mode is user selectable)