Material Compressibility Test Machine

The Greening Model 1140 Compressibility Test Machine evaluates the compressibility of composites including disk and drum brake friction materials, noise insulators, wet friction and automatic transmission clutch disks, cardboard, ceramics, gaskets, paper, plastics and springs. The Model 1140 combines concise test control with ease of operation, generating accurate test results, and is an ideal instrument for research and development, quality control, or other compressibility measurement needs.

The Model 1140 is the only machine that meets ISO 6310, JIS D 4413 (optional), SAE J2468, GSO ISO 6310, EKB 1108, and GMW15334 (pending) test standards. General Motors also accepts this machine’s test data.

A brake caliper piston simulator replicates in-service brake application. The closed-loop servo control system applies a specified force at a predetermined rate with 0.01 percent full-scale accuracy, which allows pre-loads as low as 10 N (~2 lbf). The machine measures sample deflection vs. applied force, and issues reports in industry templates or custom formats.