SAE No. 2 Machine

The Greening Model 1080 SAE No. 2 Universal Wet Friction Test Machine is a highly versatile unit. This machine is used in more test facilities around the world than any other machine of its kind, and can perform a number of clutch friction tests according to SAE International standards.

Special test heads are available for testing automatic transmission clutches, bands, lock-up torque converter clutches, manual shift gearbox synchronizer rings and counter-rotating clutch plate assemblies. The machine can also be configured for other special test configurations.

The Model 1080 operates automatically thanks to its specially designed control circuitry and software. The user can program the desired fluid flow and sump temperature, and the machine will automatically generate test reports.


  • Variable speeds to 10,000 rpm or higher
  • Static breakaway for low speed friction study
  • Continuous slip mode for torque converters, thrust washers, and powershift clutches
  • Automatic test cycle initial temperature control ± 3°C to 175°C