Friction Material Testing

Greening Testing Laboratories are certified to carry out tests according to the following national and international standards:

  • ISO 6310: Road vehicles — Brake linings — Compressive strain test methods
  • ISO 6312: Road vehicles — Brake linings — Shear test procedure for disk brake pad and drum brake shoe assemblies
  • ISO 6313: Road vehicles — Brake linings — Effects of heat on dimensions and form of disk brake pads — Test procedure
  • SAE J661: Brake Lining Quality Test Procedure
  • SAE J2468: Road Vehicles — Brake Linings — Compressibility Test Procedure
  • Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission (VESC) Regulation V-3: Minimum Requirements and Uniform Test Procedures for Motor Vehicle Brake Linings
  • Friction Assessment Screening Test (F.A.S.T.) provides quick characterization of low temperature fade and wear of dry friction materials
  • Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency (AMECA) Certification
  • Special client-directed procedures for studying durability, effectiveness, thermal and speed-sensitive characteristics of brake and clutch friction materials
  • GTL proprietary Clutch Material Evaluation Test (CMET©) for development of new clutch facings