On/Off Highway Inertia Brake Dynamometer

The Greening Model 1260 On/Off Highway Inertia Brake Dynamometer meets SAE, FMVSS, ISO, EEC, ECE and JASO standards for the development and performance control of lining materials and pneumatic and hydraulic braking systems. The latest digital computer technology is used to set up dynamometer conditions with or without grade simulation. It comes equipped with a cutting-edge control system to simplify the recording of test results.

A rotational inertia system provides the stored energy for deceleration conditions, while the dynamometer drive motor provides the required torque for drag conditions and for simulation of grade effects. The Model 1260 automatically calibrates signals, simultaneously acquires time and displacement frame data, and comes equipped with digital/adaptive control “outer loops.”

The complete dynamometer test system can be set up by one person for 24-hour operation, and comes with both manual and automatic brake test sequence controls. We can guarantee that our Model 1260 dynamometer controls input conditions more precisely than other manufacturers’ test systems.