Spin/Burst Test Machine

The Model 1240 Spin/Burst Test Machine meets the acceleration requirements of two SAE International testing standards: the Spring-Loaded Clutch Spin Test Procedure (SAE J1073) for manual shift transmissions and the Overcenter Clutch Spin Test Procedure (SAE J1079) for industrial power takeoffs. This machine can generate a moment of inertia up to 0.04 kg·m² (0.95 lbm·ft²) and achieve rotational speeds up to 18,000 rpm.

The Model 1240 holds clutch components, flywheels and grinding wheels for passenger cars and trucks. The drive system spins the test component at a gradually increasing rotational speed and records the shaft speed at all times. The goal is to spin the component until it bursts to measure its ability to withstand high inertia and speeds. The machine detects the exact moment of burst, at which point a disk brake system kicks in to stop the machine’s operation. During rotation, the burst chamber door securely interlocks to prevent access.