Wheel & Hub

The Greening Model 1380 Wheel Disc-Hub Fatigue Test Machine is used to perform 90-degree loading method tests on automobile wheels. It is designed to meet the standards of the following International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and SAE International procedures:

  • SAE J328: Wheels — Passenger Car and Light Truck Performance Requirements and Test Procedures
  • SAE J267: Wheels/Rims — Truck and Bus — Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Radial and Cornering Fatigue
  • SAE J1204: Wheels — Recreational and Utility Trailer Test Procedure
  • SAE J1992: Wheels/Rims — Military Vehicles — Test Procedures and Performance Requirements
  • SAE J2530: Aftermarket Wheels — Passenger Cars and Light Truck — Performance Requirements and Test Procedures
  • ISO 3006: Road vehicles — Passenger car wheels for road use — Test methods
  • ISO 3894: Road vehicles — Wheels/rims for commercial vehicles — Test methods

The wheel fixture supports the “bead seat” on the test wheel, which is centered automatically. A digital readout indicates the length of the bending moment lever arm. The machine’s design compensates for the weight of the load shaft axle to prevent excessive axial load on the test wheel during the testing process. Large heavy-duty roller bearings support the rotating table and are lubricated with circulating filtered oil to ensure the machine’s long lifespan.

Apply actuators control the bending moment load on the test wheel to within a single percentage point even when operating at test speeds as high as 500 r/min, and the cycle counter will not lose count even if power is interrupted during the testing process. We can provide machine capacities to accommodate all wheel sizes and test load requirements.