Brake Rotor Mapping System

Greening offers the Model 1630 Discriber-S Rotor Mapping Station, designed by Sun Bee Instruments, Inc., of Seoul. The Discriber-S is an automatic high-precision measurement system for Disk Thickness Variation (DTV) and braking surface Lateral Run Out (LRO) of passenger car and light truck brake rotors. DTV and LRO can lead to premature NVH problems on the vehicle. The system displays DTV and LRO in a three-dimensional imaging format.

Capacitance sensors scan the full surface of the brake rotor/brake pad interface. A precision air-bearing spindle supports the rotor while an air-bearing slide positions the capacitance sensors to ensure accurate measurements and long-lasting performance.

A universal rotor-mounting adapter reduces the need for multiple fixtures and easily accommodates a wide variety of rotor shapes and sizes, while a fixture accuracy check feature ensures reliable measurements and low maintenance. The test bench includes a granite surface plate to minimize measurement differences that can result from variations in room temperature.