KTM issues worldwide recall order to fix bike brake issue

KTM is one of the world's leading manufacturers of off-road bikes.

Austrian manufacturer KTM, known for its off-road motorcycles, has announced the recall of 2014 and 2015 model year bikes in the 690 series to address braking issues. According to the company, a routine test uncovered deficiencies that could lead to a loss of braking power. In the 2015 690 Enduro R series, the issue affects the rear brake assembly, while for 2014–15 690 SMC R bikes the focus is on the brake rotors.

The same two models were subjected to a recall last June, although on that occasion the order was due to a minor assembly defect. In this case, the potential consequences are more serious. KTM explained that a spring clamp from the engine's ventilation tube could damage the rear ABS brake line, causing the system to lose pressure. Even without the spring clamp defect, the line could suffer from vibration at the contact point.

In some SMC R bikes, an assembly mistake left a shorter spacer than usual for the front wheel, which could cause rotor damage and ABS failure. In extreme cases, the front brake piston could be dislodged from the disc entirely, leading to a complete system failure and exponentially increasing the risk of a crash. There is no record of such an accident having occurred.

KTM will notify affected owners and schedule free inspections and repairs at authorized dealers. Concerned customers can check whether the recall applies to them by entering their vehicle identification number on the company's website.

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