Turkish Create Brake Pads – Using Nutshells

Researchers are always trying to develop brake pads using new materials. Their goal, as always, is to create components that are long-lasting, lightweight, and efficient at dispersing heat.

Sometimes, some of these materials can be a little stranger than others. For instance, a team of researchers at Kocaeli University in Turkey say they have figured out how to create brake pads out of nutshells.

Yes, it sounds nuts – but you did read that right. According to a report by the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak, the three researchers were initially seeking asbestos-free brake pads for passenger cars. While experimenting with a number of different composite materials, they discovered that a powder extracted from nutshells was surprisingly effective.

"Yes, it sounds nuts – but you did read that right."

Ultimately, the researchers tried 20 different kinds of powders, seeking to use mostly domestic nuts to minimize imports.

Now, you may think it's a little nutty to manufacturer brake pads out of these materials. But you have to admit that there have been many benefits associated with new research into brake advancements.

We now know that the old asbestos brakes posed a health hazard to those who worked on them, or even those who were exposed to the dust. Efforts to develop new, better materials – such as ceramic and semimetallic pads – are good for drivers.

No matter what type of brake pad you choose for your car, it's important to make sure that it is functioning properly and free of defects. Proper evaluation from a vehicle testing service can keep you safe while on the open road.