Are You Ready For Brake Safety Week?

There's certainly no shortage of annual events meant to draw attention to the important issue of brake safety. A special focus will be placed on commercial vehicle brake safety during the week of Sept. 11-17.

The 2016 Brake Safety Week, hosted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, will serve as what Land Line Magazine calls a "vehicle inspection blitz." Inspectors will be called in to take a closer look at a number of crucial parts to ensure that they are still functional and do not pose a threat to basic operational safety.

For instance, they'll look for worn lining or pads, and try to spot hydraulic line leaks. They'll also check anti-lock braking systems. If repairs to any problematic components cannot be made, the vehicles in question will be taken out of service, according to Overdrive Online.

"Brake issues can pose a serious safety threat."

Why is this so important? Because brake issues can pose a serious safety threat. The loss of control of a commercial vehicle on a busy highway can be deadly.

Even brakes that are still mostly functional, but rely on a set of worn-out pads, may pose a problem, as their stopping power may no longer meet federal standards.

Brake problems are also more common than many drivers might think. In 2015, the CVSA's International Roadcheck campaign found that the largest percentage of violations discovered were brake-related, according to

It's important to make sure that all commercial vehicles receive regular inspections before they head out on the open road. A vehicle testing service can determine whether crucial components are operating as expected.