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What happened to hydrogen-powered cars?

Beyond the marketing disaster of having one of the most vivid images of a crash of all time being directly linked in many people’s minds to the fuel source that would be powering their personal vehicle, there are a few issues that have made hydrogen FCEVs less viable than the standard electric vehicle we see today. The first of which is the availability of support. Hydrogen FCEVs require specialized fueling stations in order to work. Unlike an electric vehicle (EV) these cars can’t be charged at home and must go to a hydrogen gas station. The issue is, there aren’t that many in North America. Looking at a map from the U.S. Department of Energy, there are only a handful of hydrogen refueling stations in the region, with every single one being near the corridor between San Francisco and Los Angeles. For many people, having a car brings them freedom, so being locked to a specific region by your vehicle can be off-putting for many.