Brake Fluid Stroking Test Machine

The Greening Model 1230 Brake Fluid Stroking Test Machine has an adjustable pressure ramp rate control which allows it to perform several different tests. The base machine can be upgraded with refrigeration, humidity control, additional test wheel cylinder fixtures and an additional master cylinder test station. This machine is designed for 24-hour automatic operation.

The Model 1230 performs the following tests:

  • SAE J1703 – Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid
  • SAE J1601 – Rubber Cups for Hydraulic Actuating Cylinders
  • SAE J1702 – Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid — Arctic
  • ISO 4925 – Road Vehicles — Non-Petroleum-Base Brake Fluid
  • JIS K 2233 – Non-Petroleum-Base Motor Vehicle Brake Fluids

The servo control system automatically increases the test pressure level and holds the programmed pressure for the determined time, then returns to its starting position. The system increases the rate of hydraulic brake fluid pressure linearly on the output side of the hydraulic master cylinder. Finally, the insulated test chamber is automatically controlled to the desired test temperature through the use of a specially controlled environmental system.