Passenger Car Brake Dynamometer

The Greening Model 1250/1252 Inertia Brake Dynamometer is designed for the development and performance testing of brake assemblies according to SAE, FMVSS, ISO, EEC, ECE and JASO specifications. It has a┬ácomputer control system utilizing a compact tabletop control platform, and is available in single-ended, dual-ended, and “twin” dynamometer configurations to simulate front and rear brake combinations or a complete axle.

A rotational inertia system and drive motor, enhanced with advanced inertia simulation software, allow flexibility in programming deceleration and drag conditions and grade effects. A state-of-the-art servo control allows the user to precisely determine brake pressure and torque at both ends, and prevents overshoot even at high apply-rate conditions.

These machines can be programmed by the operator to run automatically, allowing 24-hour continuous operation. These machines are equipped with the latest control and data acquisition systems allowing the test engineer to obtain accurate data on the performance of the brake assembly.

All these machines can be equipped with numerous options such as environmental control, NVH chambers, drag torque, BTV/DTV generation and many others.