Transmission & Wet Brake

Greening designs and manufactures four clutch test machines, each built to the highest quality standards:

Model 1290 Clutch Dynamometer

The Model 1290 is used for the development and quality control of clutch facings and assemblies for passenger cars and trucks. It is a sophisticated but easy to use machine that can be adjusted to the exact specifications of each test.

Model 1610 Clutch Disk Roller Fatigue Test Machine

The Model 1610 is a quality control and screening test machine for clutch disks and friction material. It can detect friction failure in components of varying sizes and at different speeds.

Model 1460 Single Facing Clutch Test Machine

The Model 1460 measures frictional fade and wear in clutch friction material. The Greening Dyna_Works control system allows for automated operation with minimal supervision.

Model 1240 Spin/Burst Test Machine

The Model 1240 meets SAE 1073 and SAE 1079 acceleration standards. It can spin components at up to 18,000 rpm and measure the precise moment of burst.