Chase Machine

The Greening Model 1050 Friction Material Test Machine is built to the specifications of SAE International’s J661 Brake Lining Quality Test Procedure, also known as the “Chase” test. The Model 1050 is also used for constant output friction force tests. It is ideal for research and development work in friction materials including automotive brakes, clutches, truck brake blocks, and industrial friction materials.

The Model 1050 quickly and accurately measures effectiveness, fade, recovery, wear and speed sensitivity of brake and clutch friction materials. It generates automatic and real-time plots of friction and applied force, and test drum velocity and temperature. Heating and cooling curves are set automatically according to SAE J661 standards. This machine comes equipped with the Greening Dyna_Works control system for Microsoft Windows, which allows for 24/7 unattended operation.


  • Test loads available to 600 lb·ft (2,500 N·m).
  • Test speeds from 25 to 1,200 rpm.
  • Constant input and constant output modes.
  • Rebuild and upgrade services available on existing test machines, including those manufactured by others.