Control Systems

Most of Greening’s test machines run on Greening Dyna_Works™ software, developed on a Microsoft Windows interface. Dyna_Works™ software ensures accurate and automatic calibrating and test reporting, and it meets the same high quality standards as all our equipment.

The software is easy to operate and provides comprehensive and detailed data in an easy-to-read manner. Because it is Microsoft Windows-based, any user familiar with the operating system can configure Dyna_Works™, adjusting it to meet the specific reporting and testing needs of each client.

We also develop Sound_Works™, a brake noise analyzing software which is designed specifically for NVH testing. Sound_Works™ can be added to any one of our inertia brake or NVH dynamometers to register sound and vibration signals. It comes equipped with an IEPE accelerometer and microphone and can be set up for an event-driven trigger or TCP/IP connection.