On-Vehicle Brake Evaluation System

The Greening Model 1420 On-Vehicle Brake Evaluation Test System measures and produces reports on disk brake rotor inboard and outboard surface run-out, disk thickness variation (DTV) and break-away and residual brake drag torque. It comes equipped with a self-contained, constant speed drive system and an in-line torque transducer, which enable repeatable sequence control and accurate reporting of drag torque values.

The Universal Wheel Drive Adapter fits all wheels, regardless of the number of wheel lugs. Our unique design provides constant speed with any drive adapter alignment and eliminates the need for optical alignment devices.

An intuitive operator interface makes the system easy to use and automatically generates test reports in both graphical and tabular formats. The signal conditioning rack and other sensitive electronic components are mounted in a rugged, portable cart with heavy-duty lockable casters for ease of positioning.