Friction & Insulator

Greening, Inc. makes three machines for testing the capabilities of brake friction material:

Model 1050 Chase Machine

The Model 1050 is designed for the SAE Brake Lining Quality Test Procedure, aka the “Chase” test, and for constant output friction force tests. It evaluates effectiveness, fade and recovery, wear and speed sensitivity in brake and clutch friction materials.

Model 1120 FAST Machine

The Model 1120 is employed for the Friction Assessment and Screening Test, or FAST test, according to SAE J661 specifications. It is a low-cost test system for screening brake and clutch friction material for development or quality control programs.

Model 1140 Material Compressibility Test Machine

The Model 1140 evaluates the compressibility of composites and meets the standards of ISO, SAE and other governing bodies, as well as General Motors. Its high level of accuracy makes it ideal for research and development, quality control, or other compressibility measurement needs.