Clutch Disk Roller Fatigue Test Machine

The Greening Model 1610 Clutch Disk Roller Fatigue Test Machine can be used to evaluate clutch disks both during the product development process and subsequently during production as a quality assurance check. This machine screens the clutch disk’s friction material to gauge its suitability as a component of the finished assembly and performs quality control on incoming clutch disks after their manufacture.

The Model 1610 has a variable speed motor driving the tapered rollers, which can be adjusted to match the exact width of the friction material. After submersing the clutch disk in automatic transmission fluid, the roller rotates against the surface of the friction material. An air actuator with a strain gauge load cell supports the clutch friction disk table and creates the normal load. The table is then raised to meet the rotating roller assembly. A detector system senses the failure of the friction surface and the machine automatically generates the test report.