Honda Civic Recall Because of Electronic Parking Brake

On Oct. 13, 2016, Honda announced the recall of roughly 350,000 Civic Coupes and Sedans – all 2016 models – as a result of an issue with the Electric Parking Brake feature on the vehicles. The Japanese automotive manufacturer confirmed that without the necessary software update, the Vehicle Stability Assist Electronic Control Unit will likely prevent the Electronic Parking Brake from working properly.

"There have been no reports of injuries or crashes."

Luckily, there have been no reports of injuries or crashes as a result of the issue, but there have been an increased number of warranty claims associated with the brake warning light on those vehicles. Unlike other issues with brake systems, this one does not affect drivers while they're on the road, but rather after they've parked. In a statement, Honda warned that if the Electronic Parking Brake does not activate and the vehicle is parked on an elevated surface, it may proceed to roll away and cause an accident.

Honda Motor Co. is urging owners of vehicles that may be affected to take their automobiles to an authorized dealership for a free software update and installation. If you notice a brake light warning indicator that blinks for approximately 15 seconds after turning the ignition off, take your vehicle into a dealership right away. Other Civic owners can determine if the recall affects them by either visiting the Honda's website or having their vehicle inspected by an automotive professional.