EuroBrake 2015 kicks off in Germany

European manufacturers, researchers and other industry insiders are coming together May 4–6 at the International Congress Center in the eastern German city of Dresden for EuroBrake 2015. The event features exhibits by 86 companies from 19 European states, as well as 27 technical conferences, the most ever.

The main event will be the strategy panel, which this year is entitled "Facing the Challenges Together — Industry and Academia." The goal is to foster communication between the two sectors in order to ensure that the braking industry is technologically prepared to meet the market's demands in the coming years. EuroBrake's steering committee hopes to engage young professionals and attract them to careers in brake technology research and development.

The panel features engineers from leading European companies including Continental AG, Deutsche Bahn, Knorr-Bremse, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Group, as well as from American manufacturers ITT Corporation and TRW Automotive. It is chaired by Jan Münchhoff of Audi and Georg Ostermeyer of Braunschweig University of Technology, underscoring the alliance between industry and academia. They will assemble once again at next year's EuroBrake to reassess the state of the industry.

The program also includes visits to Volkswagen's Transparent Factory, one of the most modern manufacturing plants in the world, which is in Dresden, as well as BMW's Leipzig plant. German manufacturer Daimler AG is sponsoring a brake innovation competition, calling on engineering students to imagine what brakes will look like in 2025. Entries have been submitted from 16 countries on three continents.

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