Can Old Cars Do New Tricks?

While electric vehicles are quickly becoming the dominant transportation mode in many cities, there are still some people who, although intrigued by the concept of zero emissions, don't want to give up their classic vehicle. The good news for car aficionados and collectors seeking to restore and preserve older vehicles is that there are now a number of manufacturers creating custom electric vehicle conversions.

Retrofitting a classic car with modern technology

As part of their commitment toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and response to the rising demand for electric vehicles, car manufacturers are retrofitting and converting existing models into electric vehicles.

During the retrofitting process, the existing internal combustion engine and fuel system must be replaced.  This requires installing an electric motor and battery pack which necessitates substantial changes to the car's chassis, suspension and braking systems to bear the extra weight.

Retrofitting old car models into electric vehicles has several key benefits, such as prolonging the vehicle's lifespan while diminishing its carbon footprint. Additionally, retrofitting can be more cost-effective than purchasing a new vehicle. It also provides an opportunity for enthusiasts to own a classic vehicle while simultaneously supporting green technology and the environment.

Several companies have started offering retrofitting services for old car models, including Volkswagen, Ford and Porsche. Volkswagen, for example, has launched a program to convert classic Beetles and other vintage models into electric vehicles. Ford has also partnered with a company called Webasto to offer a retrofit kit for the classic Mustang, allowing it to be converted into a greener and more efficient mode of transportation.

Most recently and notably, Lunaz, a UK-based company that specializes in converting classic cars into electric vehicles, has focused on high-end luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Bentley. It aims to offer an alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles by providing high-performance electric powertrains. Lunaz believes that by extending the life of these classic vehicles, they're helping to preserve automotive design's heritage and legacy while also providing a high-performance and sustainable transportation option.

The conversion process involves taking an existing classic car and completely stripping it down to its bare chassis. The company then installs a custom-designed electric powertrain which includes a high-performance battery pack, an electric motor and all of the associated control systems. The powertrain is designed to fit seamlessly into the car's existing chassis and drive train, providing an authentic and classic driving experience.

Independent companies that focus on retrofitting existing car models into electric vehicles offer a range of services to customers which can be tailored to suit their particular preferences and requirements. For example, there are some companies that specialize in converting sports cars into EVs while others offer a turnkey solution regardless of the car model.

The future of retrofitting

Overall, retrofitting old car models into electric vehicles is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the automotive industry, as manufacturers and consumers seek to reduce carbon emissions and transition toward more sustainable transportation options.

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