Bendix expands line of remanufactured components

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has announced a major expansion of its remanufactured components offerings, under the product line name All Makes. The line will initially focus on brake compressors, which Bendix says are experiencing increasing demand. As the name suggests, the All Makes line will include products from several manufacturers other than Bendix.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has been a division of Knorr-Bremse since 2002, when the German manufacturer acquired it from Honeywell, which had in turn taken over the original Bendix Corporation in 1983. From its launch, All Makes will feature approximately 20 new compressors from Bendix and over 100 from other makers, including Cummins, Midland and WABCO.

Henry Foxx, the company's director of remanufactured products, says that demand for remanufactured components is on the rise as the industry looks for ways to reduce the cost of replacement parts. The use of "reman" products can extend a vehicle's life and lower the total cost of ownership.

"Remanufacturing means that complete — not partial — disassembly occurs, with full replacement or upgrading of hundreds of parts that meet the latest specifications," explains Emerson Electric manager Randy Tebbe to ACHR News. "All critical components, such as reeds, rods, discharge pucks, bearings, gaskets, seal joints, the oil pump, internal line break protectors, and solid state modules, are replaced."

Testing is a critical stage of the process, because it is essential that the remanufactured component be just as effective as the original and meet all the same safety requirements. Greening Testing Laboratories are equipped with our state-of-the-art machines to carry out a variety of brake, suspension, transmission and other tests, all according to SAE International and ISO standards.