Meritor WABCO expands use of OnGuard anti-collision system

Commercial vehicle components manufacturer Meritor WABCO has announced that it is now offering its OnGuard collision mitigation system on fire trucks made by E-One. Based in Ocala, Florida, E-One specializes in the manufacture of emergency services vehicles, and the fire department in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, is the first to have one of its trucks equipped with OnGuard.

OnGuard is a radar-based system that alerts the driver of an impending collision by detecting the position of nearby objects. It can warn the driver of a rear-end collision and apply the brakes to avoid a frontal crash when necessary. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), traffic accidents have become the second most common cause of death among firefighters in the U.S. The number of fatal collisions has increased dramatically in recent years.

"Although we've never had a major accident, we see them every day in the news, and the statistics show that most firefighter injuries occur on the way to or from a call," said Bryn Mawr Fire Company chief Dan Kincade to Fleet Equipment. "The ProTech system that incorporates OnGuard certainly adds a vital layer of protection. We have collision mitigation technology in our cars, so why don't we have it in our fire trucks?"

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