Bosch realigns its North American automotive aftermarket organization

Bosch is restructuring its North American aftermarket operations.

Odd Joergenrud, Robert Bosch LLC's North America Automotive Aftermarket regional president just announces an overhaul in his division's organizational structure. The changes are being made to address the needs of what Bosch describes as a rapidly evolving market. Beyond making the company more adaptable, Bosch also claims the restructuring will allow the company to provide higher quality support to all of its Canadian and American partners.

As the first part of the restructuring, Robert Bloom, Bosch's senior vice president of the automotive aftermarket, took control and oversight of Bosch's aftermarket Canadian operations on top of his pre-existing American responsibilities. Serving under Bloom, Niall Davidson will maintain his current role as the vice president of sales and the general manager of the Canadian aftermarket.

Bosch has assured its Canadian customers that the transition should be seamless, claiming that the company will continue its Canadian aftermarket work and interact with that team on a day-to-day basis. The only change, spokespeople say, is that those teams will now have access to greater and better resources. 

"Uniting both operations under a single structure creates synergies within all functional areas that will enable increased agility and speed, resulting in even greater customer satisfaction," said Joergenrud.

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