WABCO appoints Henry Keizer as new board member

Henry Keizer will be joining WABCO's board of directors.

Global air brake innovator and supplier WABCO has just announced its appointment of Henry Keizer to its board of directors. The decision, which was announced on July 20, took place on the same day. Keizer will also serve as the Chair of WABCO's Audit Committee starting on October 1.

Before this appointment, Mr. Keizer served as the Deputy Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of KPMG LLP, a global accounting and professional services firm. He has over 35 years of cross industry experience at KPMG on a global scale, and has spent much of his professional career advising clients in a broad range of sectors. On top of serving as KPMG's Deputy Chairman and COO, Keizer previously filled a number of leadership roles, including serving as the company's Global Head of Audit.

Jacques Esculier, WABCO's Chairman and CEO says of the decision that "Henry Keizer's strategic global business acumen and profound financial counsel will further strengthen our board as we continue WABCO's global market outperformance through our proven three-pillar strategy of technology leadership, globalization and excellence in execution."

Keizer will be filling the shoes of Kenneth Martin, who has served as a member of WABCO's board of directions since 2007. Martin retires on October 1, giving him several months to fill Keizer in on the intricacies of the role.

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