Surface Transforms receives industry quality standard

Surface Transforms has just received certification for its parts.

Car parts manufacturer Surface Transforms has just passed a road mark in its trip to bring quality products to major auto manufacturers. After going through a rigorous testing process, the group has received the automotive industry's standard quality certification for its entire line of equipment.

Surface Transforms designs and manufactures car brakes, and completed its certification by working with a tier one international brake manufacturer. The certificate it received, the TS16949, is a prerequisite to being able to supply the mainstream automotive market with parts.

Kevin Johnson, Surface Transforms' CEO, said of the accomplishment that the company is "delighted with achieving TS 16949 certification which further strengthens the company's business processes." He added that "we are also excited and pleased with customer feedback."

In addition to its new certification, Surface has also successfully gone through an auditing process with a top tier German car maker. The manufacturer, who remains anonymous at this point in time, has now entered the a product validation phase.

When asked for a timeframe on when its products will go to market, spokespeople stressed that the world of research and development is time consuming and difficult to accurately predict. They confidently maintained however, the the product should reach market by the year's end.

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